Accessibility Statement

For the pages within the iPort DCS self service web check-in module provided by:

Publication date: 10-November-2017

About this statement

This statement shows that the iPort DCS self service web check-in module built by complies with the WCAG2-AA guidelines of the W3C. This means that the website can be used by everyone, including people with disabilities such as the blind and deaf. As buildings can be made accessible, this can also be done with websites.

Scope of statement

The statement applies to:

  • All pages of the iPort DCS self service web check-in module.

About the inspection agency

The inspection was carried out by the Accessibility foundation. Accessibility foundation website


Details of the statement

The website complies with the WCAG2-AA requirements as defined in the normative document WCAG Version 2.

Used standard:

Drs. E.M. Velleman
Bartiméus Accessibility Foundation
Div. Accessibility Inspection

Report on the accessibility of this system

If you believe that the system does not comply to one or more of the tested accessibility guidelines, you can report this to us. Your complaint will be carefully considered. An administrator will be notified if the complaint is valid after investigation.

Submit a complaint

For questions or complaints, please call 030-2398270 or mail to

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Inspectie aanvragen

Hebt u een website en wilt u onafhankelijk laten controleren of deze toegankelijk is voor iedereen? Vraag dan een inspectie aan bij Stichting Accessibility.

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